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When choosing the type of surface to use for your patio or walkway, there are many aspects to consider. Durability is a major factor. Probably the most durable and long lasting outdoor surface is pavers, followed by flagstone, then concrete. Concrete is not very durable in Utah because of the freeze thaw cycle which causes the ground to move and push on the concrete. Under those conditions, concrete will crack and heave. Then you will need to decide whether to repair it, which usually requires complete removal and replacement, or just live with the damage. Pavers will flex with the ground as it moves underneath, without causing permanent irreparable damage. If a paver does crack, it is a simple process to remove and replace one paver as opposed to an entire patio or walkway.

Budget is a huge factor when considering patio and walkway surfaces. Pavers and flagstone are generally much more expensive than concrete when properly installed. However, the overall cost is less when future replacement cost is taken into consideration.

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